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And here is some video proof of what the blogger was saying how it wants action.I had 10 8 suited on an 8 high board rainbow, he has 96 and shoves.I am not going to win a bracelet anytime soon, but I can hold my own and end up in the green at the end of most sessions.

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Whenever I get all the money in with a dominating hand I lose the hand to the forth spade or club on the river etc.Running bad is a term that can make sense, but you build a case by the many strange occurances happening at once.Im back to PS, bad beats even here but MUCH MORE LESS then FT dont trust FT anymore, nothing i can do about it, if i have to play with nervous ANSIA and souspicious mind is better if i dont do it.

The ones trying to say that it is not rigged are probably FullTilt shills trying to pour cold water over what most of seem to know.They want to make as much money as possible from a pot, so the bigger the pot, the more they make.The worst thing was that this guys would made the full house on the river.Very next hand I lose to the same player when i got dealt AQ hit top pair on the flop and he has T6s for 2 pairs, second pair on the turn.One notable all in PF, in an sng down to the last 3, I have the chip lead.We have the technology, but until players start demanding better security and integrity, the poker rooms are going to ignore solutions like ours.YES, but is a bit hard to believe that individuals that play these hands can go from 3000 to 60000 chips, and honestly that was the case.

The sad thing is that nothing will be done and the crooks will just keep getting richer.Agree that there is a problem with the way cards are dealt on line.This process involves understanding how each component works, how those components are scaled and integrated into the complete RNG system, and how the full system actually performs by analyzing the raw output stream.So times that 2 times by 16. 32 times in 10 days if you are lucky enough to get Aces 200 times in 10 days:) Online poker is faster and is a different type of game because of the players.If you use a hud, and go to any freeroll, ftp real money tournament, or any event such as this, the people with no games yet, or limited games are always the chip leads late. Always. Also its possible if you beef with full shidd they will target you.I watched carefully to see if he was an idiot and I saw no indications of a delusional player.Any time you play above your bankroll, it is set up to get you broke.

Simply put, giving some offshore account your hard earned cash is simply insane.I have played almost 1k single table tourneys and its never changed.Do you know what the odds of that happening are (you can find them online or do the math yourself).I know absolute poker got caught using pot tripper to take players money. He got carried away with it and showed someone the hands that he was working for.This is just a joke as these bad players play like its war and they win because a programmed site makes sure it happens.Since its posting to the subscribed people and apparently someone is keeping it from posting on the website, someone needs to create a new website, or get some kind of lawyer or lawmaker present so everyone with proof or legit substance can state their facts.

After a turn of 4, I shoved all in and the guy called me again.He calls and we have about the same amount of chips and has me barely covered.

I am willing to share this info because there seems to be an endless supply of non believer suckers.Just another way to wipe some players out of the tournament fast and double up some other morons.Then as the sites program always does hits me my Q on the turn which would be part of creating the action, although the cards are already exposed.Shortly thereafter I could not win a hand and all was lost back.They set me up continuously the entire match and I just kept folding away murder attempts.I also make a decent living playing live cash games and the occasional tournament.Full tilt poker is rigged -- Biblical prophecy is not roblox.com unblocked bus network last then Wilson said Theres us I should.

Nonetheless, if I see the BS start happening at this poker room that is happening at FT and PS, I will pull out again and move on.These hands sound more like a super user knowing what cards are on their way.This is just one example of the crazy shit thats been happening ever since my huge win.But the sites have ignored our product and will continue to do so until players start asking for it.Im not a pro but if i play live i make an average of 200 euro a week.

Actually someone should build a website so people could post screen shots on it for all to see.Just a quick example of tiltware at its finest, they give me KcKd so I raise, idiot calls, flop comes AJ10 all hearts.Because the system is based on generating as many betting rounds as possible, so that players will use common betting principles to jack up the pot and increase the rake in the process.If they wanted to, they could select one random member and keep dealing him royal flushes.If a folded persons cards can be prospectively be used again controlling each and every hand becomes much more easier.There is also another way fulltilt cheats you out of cash with their own personal players.In all cases I was way better than a coin flip, waaaaay better.Basically, the people who created these sites and the pros that promote them are vampires sucking the life out of you.I bet, he pushes me all in(Slightly covered).turn 10.river Q.

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